Musings in the Dark: Book Review: Doll


Book Review: Doll

Doll is one of Nichelle Gregory's "Lust Bites," or the first in a series about sexy lusty short stories.  Doll clocks in at under 40 pages, and was a fast, spirited read.  I read it on a rainy night and it just made visualizing Reva and Raiden easier.  The story contains themes of very mild D/s, a subject/culture that I find endlessly fascinating, so when she offered it to me instead of Hearts & Diamonds, I nearly jumped out of my seat.

Reva has just become a "Doll," and her first customer, a man she must obey, is Raiden.  Reva's goal is to be Raiden's doll of choice, and the story centers on their first experience and whether Raiden decides he wants Reva as his "Doll."  Reva understandably has a few minuscule issues to deal with; being a Doll is not easy, but it is how she deals with them, and how Raiden allows her to unfolds the story.  

I am of the sincere hope that there will be more Lust Bites about Reva and Raiden, and more Lust Bites about   those individuals who wish to become Dolls and the process by which they become Dolls. I am intrigued as hell by Nichelle's story and the surrounding canon.  The possibilities are endless.

4/5 stars.

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