Musings in the Dark: 2022 Year End Wrap Up


2022 Year End Wrap Up


I welcome you to 2023 with open arms and a big smile! I expect good things to happen this year. 

This is not to say that 2022 was a bad year; on the contrary. My job in Senegal is going very well. I have no immediate plans to relocate and I hope it stays that way for a long time. Dakar is a very good place for me and I have found a peace here I would rather maintain. My life is very simple: I work, I go home, I buy the things I need and I take care of myself.  I’m not very sociable; I might do a thing once a month, but I have passed the point in my life where I need to be around a whole lot of people socially. I’d much rather curl up on my couch, eat snacks and watch TV while playing games on my tablet. It’s a good life.

I’m doing well healthwise; I’ve been working with a personal trainer and trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I put on a lot of weight while in Indonesia and it will take a long time to get it off. I don’t get on scales because doing so is counterproductive, but I have lost inches and THAT is what I focus on. My diet has changed in that I consume more fresh vegetables and have cut my sugar consumption in half. I work with my trainer 3X a week and it’s going as well as it can go.

I really need to get back to blogging on the regular. My life and existence changed significantly since I left the US 10 years ago, and so I don’t write about the things I used to when I was stateside. But there are things I feel like I should address, or at least get out of my system. For better or for worse, I found TikTok and all the fuckery goes along with it. I started out with looking at babies and everything went downhill after that, and I’ll get into that in a future post.

I still haven’t begun writing Entropy; all I’ve done for the past year is brainstorm with Noob, write notes and draft chapters. I know what has to happen before the Muse takes over, but she hasn’t spoken to me yet. It is what it is; I can’t force her to speak if she doesn’t want to…but I hope she breaks her silence this year because I really do want to write this book. It’s a character-driven story about an affluent family with secrets; something Noob, Alliyah and I spit-balled over a decade ago while on a road trip. It’s going to be fun to write.

I hope this year is good for all of you. I hope that you guys get all the  things you want and deserve. I hope that you have all of the good times and meet all of the right people. I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2023!


  1. 2022 was a horrible year for me. Thank God it is gone. I hope 2023 won't be a repeat.

  2. It's been ten years since you left America??? Wow!

  3. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since you have left the US. I wish you great things for 2023.

    1. Hi Cice! Thank you and I wish the same for you!! I so appreciate you and Shana sticking with me for all these years! May you get everything your heart desires in 2023!


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