Musings in the Dark: My X-Files Tribute


My X-Files Tribute

Hey Dilettantes!  Welcome to my second annual science fiction celebration!  This year, I will pay homage to one of my favorite shows of all time, Chris Carter’s magnum opus, The X-Files.  I got hip to it in college and it got my full attention. Back then, the show aired on Friday nights at 9:00 p.m., on Fox. The X-Files was such a cool show and it appealed to me in ways most shows didn’t. You might say that it helped shape the way I think about certain things. Either way, I was a die-hard X-Phile. The episodes were just so…weird.

The first ep I recall watching was S1E14’s “GenderBender,” which was about a series of homicides committed by a being who could switch between female and male forms. I was hanging out in a friend’s room and asked her roommate what she was watching and she told me. I recall Mulder’s last words to Scully for that episode: “…they have no earthly means of transportation!”

I started watching the following Friday and it did not take long for me to get hooked. I was all in with Mulder & Scully, and eventually I got my hands on the episodes I missed and watched them as soon as I could. And eventually, I bought the entire series (well, the first 9 seasons) on DVD.  I still have my collector cards that came with the purchase. This show (the first run, at least) was legendary.

So I’m going to spend the month of March 2022 celebrating my most favorite episodes of The X-Files.  Join me, if you will…

Also, spoiler alert!


  1. NERD!!!!

    I loved the show too. But I must confess, I didn't watch as much as I should have.

    Why did Mulder leave the show?

    An who the hell was Scully pregnant for?

    I never got the answers to those questions.

    1. I think Duchovny was having contract issues, which is why you don't see much of him in S7 and most of S8. IDK who in the hell Scully was preggo for--I think she was artificially inseminated. I can't remember. S8 was the last season I watched; once Mulder & Scully were gone, I just couldn't get into Doggett & Reyes as their replacements.


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