Musings in the Dark: My Twilight Zone Tribute: S3E17


My Twilight Zone Tribute: S3E17

 "One More Pallbearer"

Paul Radin, a millionaire, has just put the finishing touches on his luxurious bomb shelter.  He has invited three people from his past: a teacher, a pastor, and a military officer to visit him in his bomb shelter.  Radin has beef with each one of his visitors.  The teacher, Ms. Langsford, caught him cheating and failed him.  The pastor, Rev. Hughes, made it known that a woman killed herself over something Radin did to her, and the military commander, Colonel Hawthorne, had him court-martialed for failing to follow instructions.   

The trio does not know that Radin has set up an elaborate scheme to trick them into begging him for his forgiveness.  Radin tells his guests that, being in the position he’s in as a successful businessman, he has access to certain knowledge: in this case, nuclear war.  He offers them the use and safety of his bomb shelter if they apologize for their supposed slights against him.  Each member of the trio pretty much tells Radin to go fuck himself; that if it was indeed the apocalypse, they’d rather spend it anywhere other than with him. They demand to be let out.  

Radin absolutely can’t believe that they would rather die than apologize to him.  He chases them to the elevator but is unable to convince them to stay with him.  Ms. Langford, who has some of the best lines in the ep, says something to the effect of, “Try not to get too lonely, Mr. Radin. Use mirrors.”  She goes on to say that he’s deluded himself into thinking his moral character is better than what it actually is.  They leave Radin there and he flips all the way out.

Suddenly a bomb goes off and Radin, shocked because it was supposed to be fake, makes his way up to the surface and discovers that the world is in ruin.  He starts to cry and collapses in front of where his building used to be.  However, it is revealed that this actually happened in Radin’s mind; he’s completely and utterly lost it and the world is all right.  

I love this ep, obviously.  That a man like Radin would go that damn far to avenge an old grievance is crazy.  Like, move on, dude!  But some people have a hard time letting shit go, even to the detriment of their mental and spiritual health.  This was played out perfectly in this episode.

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