Musings in the Dark: Terminator: Dark Fate


Terminator: Dark Fate

We all know that T2: Judgment Day is when the Terminator movie franchise peaked.  Everything after that has been garbage.  The franchise hit an all-time low with Genisys.  That movie pissed me off so bad.  It was STUPID.  So I was not the least bit pressed when they came out with Dark Fate.  I had no interest in seeing it.

One day, I was sitting around with nothing to do and decided to watch a movie from one of my user-friendly movie websites.  Dark Fate popped up and I said, “Fuck it…it’s free.  Might as well kill some time.”  The only thing in the movie that had my attention was this cutie…

...and we DID NOT get an obligatory Terminator ass shot like we usually do. Trust me, I looked.  

Basically, Dark Fate is a discount T2 with women protagonists and lackluster writing. I did not buy the central protagonist as a revolutionary military leader and the movie made no effort to convince me otherwise.  And apparently, Terminators have reached an evolutionary dead end.  Being able to split into two parts just wasn’t that impressive and it felt like it should have been.  Maybe if they hadn’t put that in the trailer…

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about Dark Fate.  Everything you need to know about the movie, you saw it in the trailer.  While it wasn’t nearly as shitty as Genisys, they could have kept this one.  Grade: D


  1. Ass shots??? Lady you crazy.

    I haven't seen this one and honestly I don't even feel it is really worth the time to watch it.

    1. It's not worth your time. Like I said, I watched it cause it was free and I was bored. And yes honey...usually when we see a Terminator for the first time, we see a little bootay. Not this time. I was upset. I get my fun where I can.

  2. Your sista is thinking about moving to Thailand come next year. Hopefully Miss won't be around by that time. So I currently working towards saving up the coins and transitioning to becoming self-employed.

    What advice do you have for me since you packed up and moved years ago? What are the pros and cons I need to think about? Have you encountered any dangers as a Black woman traveling alone?

    Feel free to write a blog post to help other sistas out. Thanks.

    1. Hey Shana. You still have my email address? Send me an email.

    2. Hey Shana. You still have my email address? Send me an email.


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