Musings in the Dark: Fic Update Alert!!


Fic Update Alert!!

Chapter 6 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for reading.  Enjoy.

Malcolm nodded.  “So, tell me about your two friends.  They seem like chill people.”

Shantreyl smiled; glad to change the subject.  “They are.  Jaya’s the one who wore the pink and white Adidas suit.  She teaches math and science at Bruce Lee Elementary in Ashwood.  We met thirteen years ago; we were both teachers at Siren Heights Middle School.  Jaya taught sixth grade math and I taught sixth grade science.  We’ve been thick as thieves ever since.  The one in Cross Colours is her wife, Renee.  Renee is a forensic sculptor; she does sculptures of missing people and is an on-call police sketch artist.  She’s in high demand because she’s so damn talented and her work always leads to instant victim identification.”

“Really?” Malcolm said.

“Really.  Jaya and Renee knew each other in high school; reconnected ten years ago and got married eight years ago.  They’re so happy and so in love, and they’re expecting.”

“I imagine they want the same for you,” he said, getting off the highway. 

“They do.  When I told them about the gifts you sent, they were so thrilled.  It was Renee’s idea that we go to the Zodiac that night.  It was Jaya’s idea that I have a one-night stand.  They were so elated when you invited me up to the VIP.”

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