Musings in the Dark: Fic Update Alert: "Lovesick"


Fic Update Alert: "Lovesick"

Sorry for the delay, but life...yanno.  Chapter 8 of "Lovesick" is now available for reading on pinkelegance.  

This is the only thing keeping me sane right now.  Sane, of course, is a relative term.


"Victor walked in with his usual swagger after making sure the doors were closed.  Nedra turned away from him and quickly walked up the stairs to her office and went inside, closing the door.  It took Victor less than twenty seconds to reach her office and enter it.  “You rang?” he asked.  He was definitely feeling a kind of way and it showed in his expression.

She smirked.  “I haven’t seen or talked to you since last week.  I didn’t call you.”

“Fuck if you didn’t,” he said.  “That dress is as good as a subpoena.”

Nedra rolled her eyes and backed away from him.  “What makes you say that?”

“Today you show up in our lab…wearing a dress.  Today of all days.  You hardly come to our side of the street and you never wear a dress.  So to clarify, one thing you rarely do; the second you never do, but today you felt the need to do both.  It’s okay.  I read you very well.”  He walked towards her, unfastening his belt.

Nedra folded her arms and rolled her eyes.  “You’re not supposed to be here.  I told you we wouldn’t do this at work.  This place is off limits.  Go home, Victor.”

“Sure baby, whatever you say,” he said, removing the belt from the loops.  “Johnny certainly noticed you.”

“I’ve never met Franklin’s son,” Nedra said, her eyes on Victor’s belt.  “He’s…cute.”

“He’s a dick,” Victor said, walking towards her, folding the belt in half.  “Did he ask you out?”

Nedra took two steps back and found her back against the wall and her heartbeat quickening.  “He tried to, bless his heart.  I’ve got vibrators older than him.”"

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