Musings in the Dark: Winding Down


Winding Down

So I’ve got less than twenty days before I blow this popsicle stand, and understandably, I’m very excited.  For the past few weeks, time slowed to a veritable crawl, where I was literally passing the time with absolutely nothing to do except watch The X-Files.  For someone who’s always had something to do, not having anything to do nearly drove me batshit.

But that’s no longer the case now.  I’m currently working on inventorying the boxes that I plan to have shipped later.  Customs requires a detailed list of all contents in addition to the airbill, and since I’m shipping a random variety of things, it took some time to get the inventory complete.  Also, I’ve been able to visit with some friends and acquaintances who I might not have the chance to see again before I leave, and that’s been fun.

There’s also the need to make the actual transition as stress-free as possible.  Traveling with my mother has taught me how to be efficient yet thorough in packing and dressing for trips.  Hartsfield-Jackson is a ridiculously busy airport and anyone traveling through it should be prepared for just about anything.  I won’t be wearing any jewelry or shoes that have to be laced up, and I definitely won’t elect to wear an underwire bra.  The TSA sensors are extremely sensitive.  Thanks, Al Qaeda!

For most sistahs, there’s always the issue of our hair.  I don’t know how my body is going to respond to the water or the air quality or the diet adjustment, or any other unknown variables, and I just can’t be bothered with that until I’ve settled in.  The solution, of course, is braids.  It’s my hope that I can get my hair braided or twisted up the week before I leave.  Braids are a beautiful, simplistic, protective hair style that can last up to 3 months with proper care and maintenance.  By then, I’ll be able to deal with my nat on a regular basis.

Things of immediate value of course go in the carry-on luggage, which for me are my LV Neverful tote and my laptop backpack.  Passport and ID go into a pouch tucked on my person, but is easily accessible for the seven thousand times I’ll have to flash it to airport/airline personnel.  I’m bringing a Stephen King novel to read, as well as my Kindle, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles to keep me occupied while awake.  And as always, I keep my mp3 player close by to drown out any unwanted noise, like that of kids who don’t know how to shut the hell up on planes.  Jesus be a fence and please don’t let there be ANY badass younguns near me.

From now until then, I will be in the finalization process.  90% of my luggage is packed and I’m going to have it weighed prior before going to H-J to ensure any and all pieces are less than 50 pounds.  Boxes to be shipped have to be labeled and numbered so that they’re ready for pickup.  Again, for me and my issues, the traveling process must be as stress-free as possible and I can’t deal with having to restructure my luggage at check-in like I see so many people do.  My flight is 18 hours long, and that’s if everything goes well.  I just need to arrive at my destination in one piece so I can hit the ground running with my new life.

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  1. I know you just bailed out of FB, so you better be working up a way to allow me to follow your future endeavors. I need to live vicariously through somebody!



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