Musings in the Dark: "Nightingales" UPDATED


"Nightingales" UPDATED

Ankhesen asked me if I would consider actually turning "Nightingales" into a story.  I find the concept intriguing, as I have not been able to stop thinking about Jo, Neveyah, Cress, Lee-Lee, Monica and Cressida's creepy-ass apartment.  However, I am at a loss for ideas so I welcome prompts and suggestions from my readers.  Have at it.  PLEASE!

In the meantime, however, I need to add more to the cast.

Leonard Roberts is Nathan "Mitch" Mitchell; a fellow bartender at Magic City, where Jo and Neveyah work.  Mitch really likes Jocasta, and helps her and her friends try to unravel the mystery of Cressida's apartment.

Peter Mensah is Joseph Dallas, Jo's beloved father. Joseph thinks Jocasta can do no wrong.

Jay Tavare is Nick Malone, Neveyah's father.  Neveyah and Nick have a similar relationship to Jo and Joseph, but Nick absolutely hates that his daughter is an exotic dancer at Magic City.  He does not understand why his talented baby girl, the heiress to his fortune, feels the need to shake her ass at a notorious strip club.

Raoul Bova is Ferro Silvano, Neveyah's stepfather.  

Alex Rice is Nina Austin Silvano, Neveyah's mother.  Nina's relationship with her daughter is strained because Neveyah caught her cheating on Nick with Ferro, and because she got a serious chunk of Nick's money with which she uses to take care of Ferro.

Salman Khan is Rayner Blake, Lee-Lee's skinflint, strict father.  Amisha Patel is Aaryn Blake, Lee-Lee's mother.

Loretta Devine is Lorraine Tierney, Monica's plain-spoken, no-bullshit mother.

Shin Koyumada is Chris Nakamura, Monica's boyfriend.

The men in Cressida's life...

Sugar Daddy #1:  Bought the Mercedes...

Sugar Daddy #2:  Owns the apartment complex...

Sugar Daddy #3:  Seen most often...

...and Jonathan Avery, Cressida's true (but not up to financial standards) love.


  1. Hon, you have the cast. You have the plot.

    If it helps, just start writing chapters out of order, starting with whichever scene pops out to you the most.

  2. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

    I...can't...write...! Argh, I HATE THIS!

  3. Amaya,

    Try to chill and not think about it so much. It'll come to you in a snap. That's how I come up with new stories.

    I hope it'll help.

  4. So far, you're on a roll.

    This isn't a single book, so you can't really start scribbling away - that leads to disaster. A series has to be very carefully planned in order to avoid problems with continuity and or loss of momentum.

    You've got the cast, you've got the general plot, you've even got the music - now you need a meticulous outline. Detailed biographies of the main cast (which you basically keep to yourself) will get the creative juices flowing.

    I'm here for your. Just relax, breathe, and take your time. Once you knock out the first book, the rest will follow much more easily.

  5. By the way, GREAT pic of Shin Koyamada.


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